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Climate Resilient Communities Annual Report --  Designed in 2022

Climate Resilient Communities is a community-based organization empowering community voices to implement equitable climate solutions for unity, resilience, and justice.

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Solving Climate Change Textbook Website -- Designed Website in 2022

This textbook introduces tools for understanding how to reduce emissions rapidly, hitting net zero emissions no later than 2040, then pushing beyond to remove carbon from the atmosphere and reduce carbon dioxide concentrations to those of the stable climate in which human civilization developed. Jonathan Koomey and Ian Monroe have written this book first and foremost as a resource for professors and students ready to teach and learn the key analytical tools needed to create a climate-positive world. They hope self-motivated investors, entrepreneurs, policymakers, climate solution practitioners, and others who want to learn these skills on their own will also find this book useful.

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Climate+Positive Investing Alliance Website -- Designed Website in 2022


The Climate+Positive Investing Alliance (C+PIA) cuts through greenwashing and empowers investors to align all portfolio assets with a Climate+Positive planet now, not decades in the future. 

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RENDERED -- Experimental Video Exhibition Flyer Designed in 2021

the garden website

The Greenhouse -- Social Media Platform Designed from 2021 to 2022

The Greenhouse is an online community for environmental artists to connect, motivate, and collaborate, growing ideas into action. Members can connect in groups, share their own work of any medium in the Garden, or find resources and have conversations in the Nursery. 

Thoreau College -- Helped Design Website in 2021

Rooted in the ridges and valleys of the Driftless Region of the upper Midwest, Thoreau College models a transformative liberal arts curriculum that immerses students in authentic community, shared labor and governance, and rigorous engagement with great works and natural phenomena. Thoreau College creates a context where students can nurture their sacred curiosity, connect with their deepest selves, and cultivate the capacities they will need to manifest their highest aspirations for the world. Thoreau College understands liberal arts education to be fundamentally concerned with the cultivation of free human beings who have the capacity to impart direction and meaning to their lives and bring about positive transformation in the world.

Growing Hope -- Interview Project Designed in 2021

Growing Hope is a project of short interviews with young people sharing reasons they are hopeful for the future of our climate and what keeps them motivated to do pro-environmental work. As a society, we've developed a narrow perspective and single-story, reducing life into numbers and statistics, often feeling sympathetic or overwhelmed or fearful without taking action. We must find ways to refocus and motivate ourselves with hope and compassion so that we can improve both planetary and personal health.

Pipeline Foods -- Helped Design Website and Graphic Design from 2020 to 2021

Pipeline Food's goal is to accelerate the availability and reliability of organic, non-GMO, and regeneratively grown food by providing farmers educational and financial resources and connecting them to end-users of organic grains and ingredients. In just three years, the company expanded its partnerships to farmers all over the world and companies including Annie’s Mac & Cheese and Clif Bar.

Central Valley Farmworker Rights & Protections to a Safe & Healthy Working Environment  -- Infographics Designed in 2020

These infographics helped to build support and awareness for a movement led by migrant farm workers in California’s Central Valley organizing for safe and fair working conditions and compensation, economic sovereignty, healthy and autonomous communities, a divestment from punitive disciplinary and policing practices, and a reimagination of violent, state-sponsored migration policies.

Women's Leadership Innovation Lab

VMware Women's Leadership Innovation Lab -- Helped Design Website from 2018 to 2020

The VMware Women's Leadership Innovation Lab at Stanford University generates foundational research to advance women's leadership by diagnosing barriers, developing and evaluating interventions to get beyond barriers, and disseminating research-based solutions by bridging the gap between research and practice.

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